Gold In The Tiniest Detail

Life's moments from nuggets to bullions

About Gold In The Tiniest Detail

I’ve always believed that even the most mundane of events in our lives is worth re-telling. It can serve as an inspiration, a source of laughter, encouragement, food for thought. Friends have commented that my life seems so colorful, and indeed it is. But I also believe that it might not necessarily be any more colorful than that of the person sitting beside me in a dentist’s waiting room. It’s just that I find myself enjoying magnifying the littlest of events into something bigger than they are and adding color to situations that would otherwise be gray and dull to others. There are surely nuggets of wisdom and bullions of insight in all our daily encounters.

Despite all its challenges, life is great, funny – even hilarious. It is all a matter of perspective.

(Photo credit: winnond.


5 thoughts on “About Gold In The Tiniest Detail

  1. Aggie! I subscribed to your blog via Google Reader — looking forward to more posts! 🙂


  2. So you got around to having a blog, huh? Congrats! And Merry Christmas!

  3. Finally Aggie…been waiting for this 🙂 Looking forward to your nuggets 🙂

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